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Tier Nine Consulting has extensive experience building enterprise class software systems using best practice architecture and design. Our software and hardware architects work with the client engineering teams to gain a good understanding of requirements, design and strategic vision. We also use the most modern analysis and design tools to deliver a software product that is ready to meet market demand.

We leverage best practice design concepts such as the time-proven six view set, which focuses on system design through different lenses:


The data model, information structure, taxonomy and messaging which supports all functional elements.


Describes the function of objects, elements and system behavior, which pure business functionality, usability and user experience.


The distribution and scaling of components, tasks and functionality which supports desired user concurrency and scalability.


This is how it all fits together in the clients operational architecture model, including development and support processes required to make deployments and subsequent release maintenance.

We also consider key architectural factors such as security, scalability, performance, reliability which ensures that the system meets business objectives.

Professional Services:

At Tier Nine, we maintain a specific career path, which also provides our clients different levels of experience and expertise.  When a consultant has 10 years or more experience, he/she is eligible to chose between two career paths:  architecture and project management. Those people who are very technical, and want to stay that way, normally chose the architecture career path. For this reason, our architects have a very extensive technology background and really understand the big picture.  They work together with the project manager and the customer to develop a tailored solution architecture.

Full Life Cycle Architect:

The architect works alongside the Project Manager or Scrum Master and the entire development team to ensure that the system architecture follows best practice and the quality, performance and usability of the resulting product achieves desired business value.

Sample deliverable: Functional software product.

Feasibility Studies:

The architect will review your business vision, business requirements and technical constraints to develop a feasiblity, with prototypes as required, to add confidence that a solution can be brought to market.

Sample deliverable: Feasibility report(s) and Proof of Concepts.

Architectural Reviews:

The architect will review the As-Is architecture against business objectives and requirements. The outcome is a document which describes the current state of the architecture, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and a recommendation for the future architecture.

Sample deliverable: Architecture assessment.


There are many cases where businesses are using enterprise software which lags behind the vendors current support versions. In addition, the pace of technology and change is incredibly fast. In this case, the architecture will perform a Architectural Review with an objective of modernizing the entire system.

Sample deliverable: Upgrade and Modernization Plan.


This is a generic professional service we offer where the client has a very specific set of needs.  This may include specific design reviews, technology recommendations, root cause analysis, business process design, business process engineering, training and best practices evaluation.

In many cases, the architect will need to make site visits to conduct any of these professional services to gain a better understanding of the need. However, the majority of the work can be executed and subsequent meetings can take place from the home office, to reduce costs.

Sample deliverable: Varies by project and need.

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