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Agile and Lean Requirements Gathering


The Product Owner is a key role to managing requirements within the Agile and Lean framework.  Defining requirements under Agile is a shared task between the Product Owner, the Designer, the Business Analyst and the Scrum team.  These roles on the Scrum team need to have a shared understand of the high-level requirement, without getting stuck in specifying all the exact details…

Kanban Framework Overview


In the 1940’s, Toyota innovated its engineering process into a “just in time” model which closely resembled how supermarkets managed inventory stocks to meet consumer demand. On the factor floor, they applied this methodology with a card system called Kanban. Thus, each team on the factory floor would deliver these cards or Kanbans as a signal that they have excess capacity and…

Agile Transformation Service


Agile transformation is a combination of software development, work culture and organizational change. Many Agile coaches consider the transformation process to be both art and science. Software development is a complex process which quickly becomes burdened with issues such as: Late delivery Underestimated dependencies Misunderstood complexities Conflict in priority The list goes on and on… Companies of all shapes and sizes are…

Waterfall Into Agile


Just like the methodology itself, the transition from Waterfall into Agile should also be taken in steps. Here are some points to consider.