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Great User Interface Design


… of the end user. In order to achieve a really great design, there are several heuristical concepts that need to be followed.

Managing Technical Debt


You can leverage your outsourcing partner to lower the costs associated with cleaning up technical debt.

Jump Start Technology Through Outsourcing


Startup enterprises on a restricted budget can leverage outsourcing to increase the ability to deliver bleeding edge technology.

Estimating Mobile Apps


The speed which you deploy a mobile application can make or break a product. You need a good estimate to get the project started today.

Waterfall Into Agile


Just like the methodology itself, the transition from Waterfall into Agile should also be taken in steps. Here are some points to consider.

Nine Core Beliefs


We follow nine core beliefs which we believe make us different than the rest. If you don’t believe this, just ask any of our employees about them.

Agile Workforce

By partnering with Tier 9, you increase your ability to meet business objectives through our Agile Workforce Model which stress working with distributed software teams that share the same Agile Methodology.