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Nine Core Beliefs


Tier Nine understands that there is a lot of competition both regionally in Latin America, and farther abroad. For this reason, we continuously strive to differentiate ourselves. We are not just talking about time zone, pricing, or proximity. We understand these concepts well. There are many companies that lean upon these factors as key differentiators. However, we don’t see them as differentiators. There are dozens of companies that claim they offer an advantage due to time zone, English language skills and proximity to the US. There are tens of thousands of outsourcing firms that will fight you on rates. At the end of the game, we do not consider time zone, language, proximity or rates to be good factors to chose an outsourcing partner, in themselves. There is no one company that is a clear market leader in any category.

For this reason, we operate our business using a set of core beliefs, and WE ABSOLUTELY CONSIDER THESE TO BE DIFFERENTIATORS. Why? When it comes right down to it, most outsourcing firms are aiming for one key objective – PROFITS. Most companies can sell you their pitch and discuss a wide variety of factors as being clear differentiators. However, most of these companies avoid talking about things like guiding principles or core beliefs.  Why? Because they have NONE.

Here are our core beliefs which we practice everyday. We hire people who we think exhibit these beliefs. We train our people to become stronger in our core beliefs. We also look for partners that have similar beliefs and underlying principles. This is because we believe that having core beliefs and values is an important differentiator.

1. Respect

We believe that respect is an important part of business and life. Not everyone was born with the exact same abilities or conditions. Life and business can be survival of the fittest. It is important to win the game, but it is also important to respect all of the other players.

2. Integrity

Integrity is about honesty and having strong moral principles. This is what we are all about. Everyone can make mistakes. The only correct way to act is to realize the mistake and improve yourself.

3. Teamwork

The team as a whole is more important than any one person. The team is very powerful. However, the team is only as powerful as it’s weakest link. The strong team members must strive to make the weaker team members better. A manager should only be judged by the performance and happiness of his or her team. Employees are assets not expenses or liabilities.

4. Innovation

Companies that do not trust their employees stifle innovation. These companies only care about the bottom line. Companies that empower and trust their employees grow and create valuable new things.

5. Communication

Communication is a two-way street. One needs to listen while the other needs to speak, and vice versa. If communication is poor, we look at both sides, to see where we can make improvements.

6. Customer Success

Our business model cannot survive without successful projects and happy customers. We persistently strive for repeatable success.

7. Work Hard. Play Harder

We want everyone to “love” coming to work. When it is time to work, we work very hard. However, when it is time to play, we play even harder. So many companies get the concept of work life balance wrong. Both married with kids and single have opportunities at Tier Nine.

8. Persistence

If you only succeed one time, then you never really prove that you can do it over and over again. Not all projects are successful, however, we strive for the most positive upward trend of repeatable success.

9. Environment

The world in which we live in is very important. Our development centers are located in some of the most biodiverse areas of the world. We support sustainable business. We support volunteering and adding back to the local communities.


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