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Enterprise Resource Planning

Tier Nine Consulting is a partner with several consulting firms that specialize in Workday Enterprise Resource Planning implementations which include Human Capital Management (HCM), Financial Management, Payroll, Insights and Analytics as well as integration and migration services.

Human Capital Management

HR Management

Tier Nine helps customers transition to the Workday HCM model. This includes developing employee compensation plans, tracking attendance and employee time off; and , developing visibility and insight into HCM performance.


Managing employee benefits programs is a large challenge for any business. Tier Nine helps customer implement the Worday benefits module which provides the ability to service global benefit programs that cross borders and connect with virtually any benefit provider.


Managing a global payroll system is a very large challenge. Tier Nine can help bring expertise to the table that understand the payroll process and can also integrate the core application with third party providers.


Recruiting an essential function in any human resource organization and Tier Nine can help Workday customers manage the entire recruiting process. This includes providing people involved in the recruiting process greater visibility, insight and communications.

Talent Management

Workday’s talent management module provides the ability to manage on-boarding new resources, as well as, performance tracking and objectives. We can attest to how great Workday Talent Management is because we use it at DayNine – for onboarding, goals, performance, succession and more. It’s a win-win for DayNine and DayNiners. We’re ready to show you how to make it a win-win at your organization, too.

Time Tracking

Tier Nine can help Workday customer integrate the mission critical time tracking module. We can configure it and work out efficiencies that improve system usability.

Insights and Analytics

Big data analytics is a common buzz word that is rarely implemented well. Tier Nine can help customize the analytics feature of Workday providing your business with big data analytics at the click of the mouse.

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