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auTier Nine consulting provides North American clients with industrial strength Quality Assurance. Internally we incorporate software testing and QA processes in our Agile Methodology. We also offer this as a professional service to our partners. We an provide either a dedicated QA team for your project. Or, we can QA resources to extend your existing team.

As general rule, a good quality assurance strategic is recommended for all software projects. Even though our proud of our capabilities, we can always work with your existing QA team. We also don’t consider QA to be a finite project with a clear ending. Providing you are development software, QA is a continuous work stream throughout the entire software development life cycle.
Quality is very important for every software product no matter whether it is user facing, employee facing or facing your business partners. If you are creating software product that has defects or it doesn’t match requirements, you face a entire range problems from poor user adoption, to loss of market to competition, to damaging your reputation in the market place.

We stress that quality is important in all of our services to reduce risks and increase business objectives. We have experience building comprehensive QA plans during the software project which includes requirements analysis, test case definition, test cycle planning, defect re-mediation and test execution. We have three levels seniority to offer including QA Engineers, QA Leads and QA Managers.

QA Services

We offer the following professional services:

  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Defect Verification
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing (Load, Penetration, Stress and Concurrency)
  • Security Testing
  • Discovery Testing
  • Smoke Test
  • Test Automation


QA Toolbox

We have our set of tools and processes which are built upon years of best practice. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Testing Planning and Test Case Management Tools
  • Test Automation Tools
  • Defect Tracking Tools
  • Performance, Load and Stress Testing Tools

We are also flexible and an use the partner’s processes and tools, provide they also follow best practice.

Testing Automation

Once the software product has matured and developed a level of stability, then it makes sense to begin planning Test Automation. Until stability is achieved, automation is normally not practical or worth the investment, because your scripts will not run on each new release. In some cases, it makes a lot of sense to use automation as a regression testing tool, to test the core base functionality of your application once you are stable and generated planned releases. This can help increase both quality, and certainly reduce costs associated with test execution.
We have QA engineers that are experts in usage of several tools include Selenium for automation. When it makes sound business sense, let’s discuss automation to increase the overall performance of your software development capabilities.

QA In a Nutshell

Tier Nine Consulting does not take QA lightly. When we estimate projects, we almost always stress equivalent weight on QA, as we do on software development. Experience shows that this provides the best results.

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