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Tier Nine consulting offers professional software development which stresses the Agile methodology and Agile workforce model. Our Agile workforce model is defined by regionally distributed software development teams, who work in real-time, using the same Agile methodology.

In addition to being in proximate time zones, the teams all speak the same language – English – and speak using the same lingo that software engineers use in North America. This allows our partners to expand their capability economically, and achieving results equivalent to any top tier US based software development firm.

We also stress Agile concepts such as working in iterations; keeping stories small; avoiding technical debt; and, delivering functional software product faster. We like to perform demos at the end of sprints and then have retrospectives to gain insight into areas for improvement.

We stress work hard and play harder. This means we try to make work fun. Why? Because if you don’t like working, what is the point anyway? No really – we believe that happy employees perform better, and also provide more quality output.

We recruit our teams from the best universities in the region. All engineers have a degree in computer engineering or related studies. In fact, a good number also have masters and doctorate degrees. In addition, English is a prerequisite for almost any degree

Professional Services:

Feasibility, Analysis and Prototyping

A proof of concept is an excellent way to evaluate the feasibility of any business vision. Once you have a solidified vision, Tier Nine can work with you to refine the vision and define a basic scope, requirements and constraints. In some cases the proof of concept can help startups obtain funding by proving-out concepts, which enables entrepreners to take their vision to the next level.

Deliverable: Proof of Concept Report and Source Code

Full Life-Cycle Product Development

Previously, full life-cycle normally implied the Waterfall model of a linear pass through planning, analysis, design, development, test and deploy stages. These concepts have not disappeared, however, they have adapted themselves to the Agile software development life cycle. We use the same concepts; however, we break them down into manageable increments that get deployed sooner in the life cycle, so that our requirements don’t get stale and we receive appropriate feedback to further refine features and requirements in subsequent releases.

We are technology agnostic. We embrace all technology that has a time-proven track record of success from package software, to custom software using .NET, JAVA, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Python. We also have a creative side that works on design and web development. This includes user interface and user experience design and implementation. We love building beautiful responsive web applications that feature bleeding edge technology such as Angular Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery or Bootstrap.

Deliverable: Functional Software Product

Project Management

Tier Nine has deep experience with project management. We understand every project has different factors that can impact important concepts such as scope, quality, effort, risk and time line. We use our deep and diverse experience managing software projects, to manage these factors and deliver products with success. We are Agile project managers. However, we still follow time-proven best practices, such as measuring performance and usability against a comprehensive quality assurance plan.

Deliverables: Project Plan, Risk Mitigation Plan, Estimate

System Integration

Interoperability is considered a critical success factor for many businesses. Normally, there is an ecosystem of internal systems that need to share data, in order to achieve business objectives. In addition, many businesses form relationships with other business partnerships and require integration to move the relationship forward. Integrating systems is no simple matter. There is normally a degree of factors and constraints to consider such as requirements, transformations, security, performance and scalability.

Deliverable: Interfaces and Source Code

Upgrades, Migrations and Data Conversions:

As part of the normal application roadmap, system upgrades and modernization, is a normal path for any application or system. In many cases, the vendor forces customers to keep their product versions up to date, to maintain product support and warranties. In addition to software upgrades, it is sometimes a good time to get rid of that technical debt, and re-factor code that just doesn’t work well in the new system. This service includes all strategical planning, analysis an execution of the upgrade project.

Deliverable: Upgraded product and Converted data

Product Development:

This is a business related professional service where we help turn a business vision into a set of requirements and user stories that can serve as an initial scope for any product. Once we have scope confirmed, we can also arrive at a high-level estimate, so that you understand the rough magnitude of order to get release 1 implemented.

Deliverables: User Stories, Requirements and Estimates

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