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Agile and Lean Requirements Gathering


The Product Owner is a key role to managing requirements within the Agile and Lean framework.  Defining requirements under Agile is a shared task between the Product Owner, the Designer, the Business Analyst and the Scrum team.  These roles on the Scrum team need to have a shared understand of the high-level requirement, without getting stuck in specifying all the exact details…

Kanban Framework Overview


In the 1940’s, Toyota innovated its engineering process into a “just in time” model which closely resembled how supermarkets managed inventory stocks to meet consumer demand. On the factor floor, they applied this methodology with a card system called Kanban. Thus, each team on the factory floor would deliver these cards or Kanbans as a signal that they have excess capacity and…

Estimating Mobile Apps


The speed which you deploy a mobile application can make or break a product. You need a good estimate to get the project started today.